Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Lisa Jackson caught using state government e-mail account while in Obama administration
Move over Richard Windsor.

“A Washington attorney suing the Obama administration for access to former EPA chief Lisa Jackson’s alias emails revealed Wednesday that Jackson continued to use another email account — this one registered with the New Jersey government — while in the Obama administration… But Chris Horner, a senior fellow at the Competitive Enterprise Institute, said the use of alias and non-federal government accounts suggests a widespread attempt to skirt federal records laws and requests.”
Record Ice Cover At The Fastest Warming Place On Earth | Real Science

The Resurgence of an Evolving Climate Movement, Part 2 | DeSmog Canada
we must become a lot more political
In addition, studies show that voluntary or “non-compulsory” methods to reduce carbon emissions have a minor impact and real progress occurs through regulations and tax shifting. If we want to change both corporate and individual behaviour, putting an escalating price on carbon, banning coal-fired plants, and strengthening regulations and standards are vital.
...Small groups of angry “activist superheroes” will not save the planet - only an informed, large-scale movement that represents a majority cross-section of society will have the power to fundamentally change it.
Polar Bear Blog – Mothers and Cubs Season
Most dens are 30-50km from the coast

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