Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Lisa Jackson, Outgoing EPA Chief, Convinced Obama Is Serious On Climate Change
"I always said we would make common sense steps forward," she said. "We wouldn't try to turn the world on its ear."  [But wait, if you actually believed that CO2 might cause the collapse of human civilization, why wouldn't you try to turn the world on its ear?]
Jackson has cautiously supported fracking, so long as states and the industry follow a sound and safe approach.
Best and the Brightest May Finally Be Open To Considering Lower Climate Sensitivity Numbers | Coyote Blog
By the way, this is the only metric that matters. All the other BS about "climate change" and "dirty weather" are meaningless without warming. CO2 cannot change the climate or raise sea levels or any of that other stuff by any mechanism we understand or that has even been postulated, except via warming.
DOE’s Chu’s Resignation Letter: Ten Questions — MasterResource
I offer ten critical points to bear in mind as Chu’s letter is read (other points can be added in the comments section)...
Public policy should be judged by results, not intentions.
Heavy snowfall in Beijing disrupts air traffic
More than 100 flights were canceled on Sunday by Beijing Capital International Airport (BCIA), the world’s second-busiest airport by passenger volume, as snow hit China’s capital.
Where has that consensus gone?
In good Warmist style, the paper below polls "experts" rather than looking at any climate data. Sadly, however, they found that their "experts" disagreed about almost everything. The one consolation was that most of the experts allowed some possibility that it would get VERY warm (over 4.5°C warmer) in future

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