Thursday, February 14, 2013

[Lomborg on the real cost of wind power]
This graph shows the problem with wind power: the wind doesn't blow when we need it most.

This is why the cost estimates for wind in cent/kWh need to take into account the price of energy storage and/or backup. That easily doubles the real price.
Why Isn’t Pacific Institute President Peter Gleick in Jail?
“The Heartland Institute, a nonprofit organization, retained legal counsel to formally request that the U.S. Attorney prosecute Peter Gleick for the federal crimes of wire fraud and aggravated identity theft. Today, one year after the crime was revealed and nearly one year after Gleick’s confession, the U.S. Attorney still has not filed charges against Gleick.
Recruiting Boomers to Protest Climate Change -
Mr. MacDonald is the founder of Fifty Over Fifty, a new group that hopes to recruit baby boomers to engage in civil disobedience to promote action on climate change.
Peru and Venezuela compete to host COP20 in 2014 | Intercambio Climático
Venezuela is a critical voice at the climate talks demanding climate justice and ambitious emission reductions from developed countries. But at the national and international levels, Venezuela’s vehement discourse on climate justice is not backed up by strong action at home or high ambition for all countries at the UN talks, which undermine its bid to host COP20.

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