Sunday, February 17, 2013

McKitten’s Global Warming Rally : Feels Like -7C | Real Science
The cherry blossoms must be in full bloom. Global warming makes springtime come early.
1896 : Japan Hit By Earthquake, Tsunami And Typhoon On The Same Day | Real Science
These are exactly the sort of events which the IPCC expects to occur as a result of global warming climate change.
1922 Shock News : Global Warming Making The Arctic Unrecognizable | Real Science
Massive warming, glaciers disappearing, animals migrating – in 1922.

Hansen says that the Arctic expansion and ice age scare of the 1970s was much warmer than the Arctic meltdown of the 1920s.
Doomed Iditarod Update | Real Science
The New York Times reports that global warming has killed the Iditarod dog sled race – as near record cold plagues Alaska.
Obama : Anyone Who Disagrees With Him About CO2 Endangers The Children | Real Science
Based on delusional ideas Obama has in his head about climate history, science, the US Constitution, and his own power – you are an enemy of the state if you don’t believe that he controls the climate.

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