Thursday, February 21, 2013

Met Office: 2010 African rains caused by nat. variability but 2011 rains caused by manmade global warming |
Part of the “Attribution of Climate-related Events Initiative.”
Polar Bear Blog – Samuel Hearne’s Polar Bears | Polar Bear Alley – Guide to the Polar Bears of Churchill
Remember the ‘newly discovered’ maternity denning area east of the Nelson River? Well, I came across the first record of that one too. Way back in 1971, polar bear researcher Charles Jonkel found evidence of a denning area here.

In 1997, researchers estimated that an additional 200 polar bears should be added to the Western Hudson Bay population estimate because this area fell outside the ‘mark-recapture’ zone, as in Wapusk National Park. That could mean that we actually have about 1000-1100 bears in this population as opposed to 900-935 currently listed…

Still, it makes you wonder how it took 40 years to ‘discover’ it, though…
Tiny Denmark Bans Oil And Gas Furnaces in New Homes In A Bid To Rescue The Planet
If you think the green movement has gone off the rails in Germany, just look at neighboring Denmark.

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