Thursday, February 21, 2013

Meteorologist Bernadette Woods, a Penn state grad, heads to Climate Central, who she says is "trying to connect climate with extreme weather, because that's a lot of what's happening"

Meteorologist Bernadette Woods says she is leaving WJZ-TV -
WJZ meteorologist Bernadette Woods is leaving the CBS-owned station to join a non-profit firm in New Jersey focused on climate change, she said Wednesday night.
Woods described Climate Central as a "non-profit, non-lobbying company which deals with climate information, basically trying to educate the public" on climate change.

"There's so much misinformation out there, that this company started in an effort to try and get good information to the public," she said."They are trying to connect climate with extreme weather, because that's a lot of what's happening. That's really exciting for me, because I do love the science."

Woods, a Penn State graduate with a B.S. in meteorology, earned her Television Seal of Approval through the American Meteorological Society in 2004.
"Oh, I'm a weather geek, no doubt about it," she said laughing. "The bigger the storm, the better."   [Wait, so she laughs about tragic storms that kill and injure people, including children?  To her, bigger storms are "better"?]


Anonymous said...

I think she's talking about snow... people the last few weeks have been trying to connect the blizzard(s) to global warming/climate change.

Anonymous said...

Climate central= political leftist UNFCCC based thinktank?