Thursday, February 07, 2013

‘Mining’ groundwater could help fuel climate change, study finds | Vancouver Sun
Low-lying crop lands here in B.C. could be threatened, as water brought to the surface for human needs compounds the rise in sea levels predicted by climate change models.
Global warming may make the northernmost ocean less productive, not more so | The Economist
As the ice melts, more light can reach the water, and that means more photosynthesis by marine algae....the plankton, too, are flourishing thanks to global warming.
Which all sounds most promising. But many researchers think it will not continue. First, the central Arctic is too deep for some important species, such as the polar cod
‘This Clement World,’ a Play About Climate Change -
Say what you will about the potential end of civilization as we know it, but there’s no denying it is dramatic stuff.
Mali Islamist insurgents: Could climate change be al-Qaida’s best friend in Africa?
analysts aren’t without hope when it comes to areas prone to both Islamic extremism and climate change...
“It's not as if you address climate change, you'll have world peace,” says Werrell. “[B]ut it's an important factor.”

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