Thursday, February 14, 2013

More barking madness from UN chief Ban Ki-moon: Now he's worried about a CO2-induced "downward global spiral of extreme weather and disaster"

United Nations News Centre - ‘Huge consequences’ of climate change, Syrian crisis must be faced, Ban tells think tank
Turning next to what he called “the gathering threat of climate change,” he noted that scientists have long sounded the alarm on what he called the gathering threat,” stressing that the potential consequences were well known, including “a downward global spiral of extreme weather and disaster,” along with development reversals, increased displacement, aggravated tensions over resources and destabilization of fragile states.

Despite the dire possibilities, he said, however that, “Too many leaders seem content to keep climate change at arm’s length, and in its policy silo. Too few grasp the need to bring the threat to the centre of global security, economic and financial management.”

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