Monday, February 25, 2013

New math: After only 37% of California voters said global warming is a "serious problem worthy of immediate action", the San Francisco Chronicle rounds that number up to "more than half"

Global warming worries Californians - SFGate
Two-thirds of California voters believe global warming is a threat and measures need to be taken to stop it, but the level of concern has dropped significantly over the past six years, according to a Field Poll released Monday.

The poll found that 64 percent of Californians believe global warming is happening and something should be done to fight it, with more than half of the respondents, 37 percent, deeming it a serious problem worthy of immediate action.
Skepticism is, nevertheless, higher than in the past. The percentage of climate-change believers is well below the 76 percent of people who felt the threat was worthy of action in 2007, according to the Field Poll.

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papertiger said...

Not even the legions of corrupt, blinkered, "do what ever the Democrats say" San Franciscans give a damn about their make believe "serious problem".

Not one comment at that story you linkkkked.