Wednesday, February 06, 2013

NOAA Corrects Their 2012 State of the Climate Report – 2012 Was NOT the Warmest La Niña Year on Record
With as little fanfare as possible, NOAA has corrected their erroneous claim in their 2012 State of the Climate Report that of 2012 as the warmest “La Niña year” on record.
Michael Mann to help ensure Everglades has water in the future |
This project is only costing U.S. taxpayers $300K. Note Mann will also be working on “effective communication of scientific information in the face of potential biases.” Would those biases be his perchance?
Feds: Global warming to ‘at least double’ areas burned by wildfires in 25 years |
Beverly Law, professor of global change forest science at Oregon State University, said in an email that her research in Oregon showed that despite more fire, the amount of carbon stored in forests continues to increase.
Will Serreze Bet On An Ice-Free Pole Again This Year? | Real Science
In 2008, the North Pole was covered with first year ice – which prompted Mark Serreze to bet on an ice-free pole that summer.

This winter, clockwise circulation has pushed the older thick ice towards Alaska, leaving first year ice over the pole. Look for Serreze to try again in 2013.

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