Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Obama’s threat to act unilaterally on climate change? Looking empty | Grist
Some good news for congressional Republicans: The president’s threat to take unilateral action on climate isn’t looking all that threatening. White House officials are talking about small steps the administration could take, but aren’t currently pushing forward on the big executive action that advocates have wanted to see: EPA regulation of greenhouse gases from existing power plants.
In a meeting this morning, however, it became apparent that this isn’t going to happen any time soon — if at all. A small group of reporters from various outlets, myself included, met with several administration officials
Twitter / RyanMaue: @DrShepherd2013 your testimony: ...
@DrShepherd2013 your testimony: "we are loading the dice towards more Sandy or blizzard type storms" Is this published or just speculation?
'Death penalty' for homeless without shelter: Canada
"Do I think people should be left to freeze out in the cold because they are homeless, drunk and disabled?" asked Bardak. "I think the death penalty for being a substance abuser is a bit harsh. So, I would rather keep people safe and warm, even if they're not ready to make any changes in their life."

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