Friday, February 22, 2013

Oh, the humanity: Warmist Revkin takes planet-killing fossil-fueled trip to L.A., then gets photographed with planet-killing bottled water

Start by building a beach house in Greenland / UCLA Today
Should we just adapt to climate change?

UCLA environmental historian Jon Christensen (from the left) speaks to Andrew Revkin, writer of an environmental blog at the New York Times, and Alex Hall, a UCLA scientist.
The question raises the hackles of environmentalists and global-warming deniers alike — yet it’s one we should be asking sooner rather than later. That was the consensus of a climate scientist and environmental historian, both from UCLA, and a New York Times environmental writer participating in a panel discussion put on by Zocalo in partnership with the UCLA Institute of the Environment and Sustainability and the environmental humanities at UCLA.

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Bob Campbell said...

Why are they sitting on those high kiddie chairs?
All they need is the little swing tray in front of them to put their water bottles on.