Wednesday, February 27, 2013

OPINION: Rep. Fred Upton in National Journal "Keystone XL Pipeline: Path to Energy Independence, Jobs"
It would seem approving Keystone XL would be a no-brainer. Thousands of middle-class jobs created, millions of barrels of oil from our North American ally and neighbor, and not a dime of taxpayer money spent. But for some reason, the president has still not found a way to say “yes” to this important middle class jobs and energy project. It has now been over four years, over 1,620 days, since TransCanada first applied to the State Department to build the Keystone XL pipeline and bring jobs and energy security to America. It is well past time to build the Keystone XL pipeline.
Vermont, New England Begin Sobering Up…Public Support For Ridgeline Windparks Erodes!
And if they can’t put the wind turbines up on ridgelines, there aren’t too many other places they could be put in Vermont. I guess developers could try putting them “offshore” on Lake Champlain – yeah, right. That would be as stupid as putting them on mountain ridgelines.
THE HOCKEY SCHTICK: California faces electricity crisis due to green energy
Increased Reliance on Wind, Solar Power Means Power Production Fluctuates
Is There a Slant to Climate Reporting? : Collide-a-Scape
As it happens, there are numerous highly credentialed climate scientists who can speak to climate trends, atmospheric models, and single weather events. But this AP story quotes Michael Mann, who is, if nothing else, ubiquitous. Mann, along with Kevin Trenberth, are the two most frequently quoted scientists in stories about severe weather and climate change. Is that because they are leftist, One World government pinkos? No, and I haven’t got a clue what their politics are. I also don’t care. And I’m sure every hard-working reporter on the climate beat could care less, either.

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