Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Opinion: State of the Union is often paved with green intentions — The Daily Climate
history shows that empty promises in sweeping speeches are a dime a dozen
Twitter / ClimateOfGavin: 8 sci journalism clichés: ...
8 sci journalism clichés: Incl my pet peeve #7 "Scientists say..." - Scientists are people not the Borg!
8 science journalism clichés | Supernova Condensate
On a final note, always remember this when reading or writing news headlines – anywhere you see the word “may”, remember that “may not” will fit just as comfortably; and any headline which ends with a question mark can frequently be answered with the word no.
Ban Ki-Moon addresses Egypt, Syria and climate change - Daily News Egypt
He said the global rise in temperature must be limited to two degrees celsius, a massive drop from the currently predicted six degree rise by 2100, criticising politicians for keeping the issue at arm’s length and not falling in line with the scientists and a growing number of military commanders, as well as the general public’s growing awareness of the matter.
Fifteen Millennia of Climate Change in the Middle Reaches of China's Yangtze River
In no uncertain terms, Gu et al. state, in the concluding sentence of their paper, that the good correlation that exists between their climate history of the middle reaches of China's Yangtze River and the Bond events of the North Atlantic Ocean "reveals that solar activity controls the Earth surface climate system at the centennial and millennial scales."

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