Thursday, February 07, 2013

Polar Bear Blog – Ice Free Days
In normal speak, that basically means a late freeze up is good for bears! I mean I sure have been seeing a lot of subadults running around these past few years… who knows maybe some mothers weaned their cubs at 1.5 years again – wouldn’t that be somethin’!

Either way, things don’t look ‘great’. But, it does not look like we are losing a week of ice per decade as is often reported… plus the late freezes in 2004 and 2009 have to have had a beneficial impact on this population even with longer ice free seasons in between. This leads me to believe that Western Hudson Bay population is either stable or showing slight growth.
The NO CARBON TAX Climate Sceptics Blog: Dr Karl's erased cheat tweet.
[Did Dr Karl tweet this?] Yup, world has warmed 0.3C in last 16 years
Entergy’s Super Black Eye - By Henry Payne - Planet Gore - National Review Online
Entergy, meet BP.

The Superdome blackout reveals another energy company that, while preening to the public about its green morals, forgot its core business.
Lewandowsky’s latest smear paper gets pulled from the journal website | Watts Up With That?
Tonight I’m pleased to report, that one skeptic who stood up and complained about Lewandowsky’s libelous claims, has had an effect. – Anthony
[With an east coast blizzard looming tomorrow]: Carbon fee would put the brakes on global warming before it's too late |
One degree. It sounds like so little — yet, suddenly, we are caught up in a major emergency. Suddenly, the Earth is embraced by an atmosphere laden with nearly 400 parts per million of carbon dioxide (CO2), a concentration higher than at any time during the last 800,000 years. The result is a maelstrom of disruptions of the global climate that threaten the stability of every human civilization and natural ecosystem, as well as enormous damage costs.

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