Monday, February 25, 2013

Rethinking wind power – Harvard study shows it to be overestimated
Keith’s research has shown that the generating capacity of very large wind power installations (larger than 100 square kilometers) may peak at between 0.5 and 1 watts per square meter. Previous estimates, which ignored the turbines’ slowing effect on the wind, had put that figure at between 2 and 7 watts per square meter.

In short, we may not have access to as much wind power as scientists thought.
Global Warming Will Cause Eel And Piranha Invasion Of South Carolina
Last year, a group of scientists worked with South Carolina's wildlife agency to study the impact global warming would have on the state if temperatures keep rising.

The report included conclusions by scientists that involved eels and piranhas invading the state's waters, the possible endangerment of animal species and flooded homes.

Unfortunately, the state's residents never got to read the report, because the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources refused to release it.

"There were concerns about the political nature of it," said Barry Beasley, a former department staff member who worked on the report, to the Columbia State newspaper.
More cold weather headed to Tampa Bay area
more cold weather, some of the chilliest of the season, is definitely headed this way.

A cold front heading to Tampa Bay Saturday night will drop temperatures into the 30s early Sunday and early Monday, said Bay News 9 chief meteorologist Mike Clay.
Fact check: has global warming paused?
[Warmist Andrew Glikson:  It's hiding in the oceans!] that warming has paused over the last 16 years (1997-2012) take no account of ocean heating.

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