Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Study uncovers massive global yawn over global warming
How can it be, you have to wonder, that an issue that has been so thoroughly and relentlessly kept before the public eye for so long a period could have so little impact? Has any issue, other than perhaps the various economic ups and downs that affect the world, been so persistently held up around the world as a matter requiring immediate attention? All those activists, all those unfurled banners from factory smokestacks, all those photos of oil-soaked ducks, all those UN assemblies in exotic locales, all those politicians pledging their concern, all those marches by right-minded citizens, all those blue box programs and third-string actresses handcuffing them to the White House gates …. all that noise and effort, and so little impact.

How could that be?
In any case, true believers will no doubt go on believing. But they might as well be aware of the fact that, to a large extent, the paying public has tuned them out.
Australian coal exports: a climate change boomerang | Greenpeace International
Australia might be able to export its coal, but the climate change it will cause is like a boomerang – it will always come back.
Pipeline Politics: Keystone XL Vs. Green Fuelishness XXXL - Forbes
By the way, Dr. Hansen received a $250,000 award from the Teresa Heinz Foundation. Remarkably, that was soon before he publicly endorsed her husband in 2004 for his unsuccessful presidential run, again, a highly unusual act for a civil servant. Yup, the husband I’m referring to here is our new Secretary of State John Kerry, the fellow who will make the final Keystone XL pipeline decision.
Southern Keystone XL segment crosses halfway mark | News OK
While the debate continues over whether the United States will approve a proposed oil conduit from Canada to the Gulf Coast, the segment from Cushing to the Texas Gulf Coast is halfway toward completion and could be transporting oil by the end of the year.

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