Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Survey: Climate change a concern, not a priority to Oregon coast professionals
The survey results placed climate change effects next to the bottom on a list of seven significant “potential stressors on your community during the next 10 years.”
Twitter / AgBioEye: Enviro converts: Mark Lynas, ...
Enviro converts: Mark Lynas, Bjorn Lomborg, Patrick Moore, Stewart Brand. Common denominator? Facts & reason.
C3: Multiple EU Scientific Studies Determine Modern Flooding Is Not Increasing - Floods From "Climate Change" Prove Bogus
Green-sharia scientists in the pay of Big-Green constantly promote the idea that recent floods are the result of human-caused global warming and climate change - yet all empirical evidence and objective research proves that modern flooding is not increasing in terms of frequency and size
BREAKING: ‘Richard Windsor’ EPA scandal spreads, EPA Administrator James Martin resigns over hidden email accounts | Watts Up With That?
Vitter: New Richard Windsor Emails Show EPA’s Transparency Problem More Widespread

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