Thursday, February 14, 2013

The Geological Perspective On Global Warming: A Debate
[Bob Carter] Gathering these various thoughts together, we conclude that the risk of occurrence of damaging human-caused global warming is but a small one within the much greater and proven risks of dangerous natural climate-related events (not to mention earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, tsunamis and landslides, since we are dealing here with geological topics).
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@MichaelEMann Pondering climate projections, I realize Corn Belt in 2100 may not be in USA. Sobering thought for an agricultural scientist. Ghana: Ex-U.S Don Bemoans Ghana's Attitude
Professor David Millar, former Pro-Vice Chancellor of University for Development Studies (UDS), says in the face of the devastating effects of climate change, Ghana is yet to develop a national policy direction to fight the menace.
God and climate change: Column
Today, new prophets tell us that our modern sins will lead to rising seas, stronger hurricanes and longer droughts. If we don't reform our sinful ways, global catastrophe on a biblical scale looms. Billy Graham could hardly have said it better.
...Obama has brought God back into the environmental conversation
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Going to take awhile to sort through the Tesla affair, but if a driver needs to follow that many rules, car may not be ready for road trips

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