Saturday, February 02, 2013

The Reference Frame: Steven Chu quits, misunderstands the end of Stone Age
But you shouldn't overlook the fact that the Stone Age lasted for 2,500 years, between 4500 BC and 2000 BC or so. It couldn't have been reliably superseded in a 4-year tenure of an activist Stone Age bureaucrat. The Stone Age became obsolete not because of some political plan, ideology, or wishful thinking but because of an unexpected invention that arrives at some moment but that can't really be planned....Chu is a smart guy when it comes to certain things. However, his understanding of the profitability of subsidized companies is completely wrong. His understanding of the process of invention and its drivers is completely wrong. His understanding of the human history is completely wrong, too. He misunderstands that certain deep changes in the society are sparked by technological breakthroughs – that emerge according to their own, largely unpredictable and politically unplannable, timing – and not the other way around. If I summarize these things, he doesn't understand how irrelevant for the progress of the human society bureaucrats such as himself are and have been. He doesn't understand how immensely modest a piece of nothing this small Chu of himself is relatively to the overall human ingenuity and everything it still has in store. He doesn't understand how humble he should be which is why he ended with this stunning, smug, arrogance of power.
- Bishop Hill blog - Bad choice of victim
"I'm a very bad loser. They chose the wrong guy to screw," explained David Holland, a climate sceptic who has taken the University of East Anglia to an information tribunal in the Climategate saga's most recent twist.
Coldest January In Utah Since 1979 | Real Science
January was the eleventh coldest on record in Utah, and the coldest since 1979. There is no evidence that winter temperatures in Utah are increasing or that snowfall is decreasing
Radical Idea For Energy Secretary | Real Science
Instead of picking an incompetent left-wing political activist, how about choosing someone who actually knows something about energy – and has the country’s best interests at heart.

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