Tuesday, February 19, 2013

"Thoughts on the coming ice age"
Terri Jackson has published a new pamphlet sharing her thoughts on the coming ice age:
Polar Bear Blog – The Complicated World of CITES
Although WWF does claim that a CITES listing will take away focus from the melting sea ice and ‘future’ concerns, which is a head-scratcher. Not as confusing as when they claimed that a warming arctic would mean less snow so less cover for seal birthing dens and that meant that bears would eat so many seals that the seal population would die out and then the bears would die… Incidentally, it was that claim that finally bumped me off the ‘save the bears’ bandwagon… ha
THE HOCKEY SCHTICK: Tesla spat shows the impracticability of electric cars
Oh, for the day when electric-car enthusiasts didn't expect the rest of us to subsidize their hobby.
Teddy Turner bashes father for green hypocrisy | JunkScience.com
“I’m like, ‘Dad, you can’t drive the Prius to the jet’.”
Read more at Politico.

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