Friday, February 01, 2013

Thousands die in Midlands due to cold weather
More than 4000 people in the Midlands died last winter because of the cold weather, and more than a million families in the region were living in fuel poverty.

That's according to the charity National Energy Action.
The Reference Frame: France bans light at night
How do they justify this insanity? The emissions of CO2 may be reduced by 250,000 tons per year. Even if you believed the IPCC that the CO2 emissions are heating the Earth by 3 °C a century, which is at least a 3-fold overestimate, it's still due to 30 billion tons of CO2 a year. So we're talking about 10 parts of million of the global emissions which means 30 microkelvins per century or 0.0000003 °C of "mitigated warming" per year. Did I miss a zero? I hope it's correct.
Twitter / RyanMaue: January 2013 reanalysis based ...
January 2013 reanalysis based global temperature anomaly +0.09°C compared to 1981-2010 climo. CONUS +0.006°C
Twitter / RyanMaue: Averaging all 744 hours of ...
Averaging all 744 hours of January over Lower-48 from RAP-12 km analysis 2-meter temperature: +0.011°C. 1/100th of 1°

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