Thursday, February 07, 2013

Too funny: Left-wing "climate scientist" Raymond T. Pierrehumbert now portrays himself as more of a geologist who is qualified to expound at length about U.S. energy production

U.S. shale oil: Are we headed to a new era of oil abundance? - Slate Magazine
[Raymond T. Pierrehumbert] Straight talk from geologists about our new era of oil abundance.
the climate benefits of switching from coal to natural gas are abundantly clear.
...It will be hard to muster the resources to develop replacements for fossil fuel energy if we wait until both the economy and climate are in ruins.
Raymond T. Pierrehumbert - Slate Magazine
Raymond T. Pierrehumbert is the Louis Block Professor in Geophysical Sciences at the University of Chicago. He was a lead author of the IPCC Third Assessment Report and is a fellow of the American Geophysical Union. He writes episodically for
Flashback: Political hack/former IPCC lead author Raymond T. Pierrehumbert on Mitt Romney: "Perhaps we should call him a Climate Clown...He just can't stop trumpeting his love affair with Satan's Rock [coal]"
IPCC lead author Pierrehumbert does an extremely poor job of pretending he's a politically disinterested, just-the-facts man of science: He refers to "little fantasies that many of us progressives use to fend off the nightmare of a Romney win"
ClimateGate Email 4141
[Ray Pierrehumbert] I think the notion of telling the public to prepare for both global warming and an ice age at the same creates a real public relations problem for us.
Flashback: NY Times quotes Pierrehumbert, who compares trace amounts of carbon dioxide to a "thermonuclear warhead"
“The big damages come if the climate sensitivity to greenhouse gases turns out to be high,” said Raymond T. Pierrehumbert, a climate scientist at the University of Chicago. “Then it’s not a bullet headed at us, but a thermonuclear warhead.”
We are climate scientists, Chicago style - YouTube
We are climate scientists, Chicago style
Summertime in Chicago, feeling more like New Orleans,
I said, summertime in Chicago, feeling more like New Orleans,
Hey, Hey,
Messing with the people and farmland in between.

Took a jump through Mississippi, muddy water was running high,
Took a jump to Alabama, tornadoes in the sky (you know what I mean)
Now you better worry, Mr. "Messing-with-the-planet" is his name!
[Featuring Ray T. Pierrehumbert]

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