Wednesday, February 06, 2013

UAH Global temperature for January, up significantly, but other data doesn’t match | Watts Up With That?
Our Version 5.5 global average lower tropospheric temperature (LT) anomaly for January, 2013 is +0.51 deg. C, a substantial increase from December’s +0.20 deg. C. (click for large version)
...Anthony: Given Dr. Spencer’s obvious trepidations about the large jump, I have to wonder though, why this result from Dr. Ryan Maue at WeatherBell is so much different? Maue reports that the January 2013 NCEP 2 meter surface temperature reanalysis global temperature anomaly is +0.087°C compared to the same 1981-2010 base period that Spencer uses for UAH. The CONUS value for January is +0.006°C
Roger Pielke Jr.'s Blog: How Not to Argue for Increased R&D Funding
I can't imagine that science will win additional support from governments by wishing for a the possibility of global apocalypse -- even with brazen certainty that Bruce Willis can rocket up and save us -- as an excuse to boost government science funding. This is the tone-deaf part.
Concerns over Superdome's power feed raised before Super Bowl - CBS News Video
Documents reveal a cascading level of concern for four months leading up to the Super Bowl from both Superdome officials and the New Orleans utility company Entergy.  [The Superdome's head of operations admitted that there were power problems in rehearsals for Beyonce's halftime show.]
- Bishop Hill blog - Burning for you
The Scottish Bureaucracy has decided to spend £2.6 million on installing recharging points for electric (i.e. coal-powered) cars.

Reports on the number of electric cars in Scotland vary, with one estimate putting the number at 60.

Each charge takes an hour.

I'm sure readers are capable of doing their own mathematics. Even without crunching the numbers it is fairly plain that the SNP is burning your money for PR purposes. There is no scheme too idiotic for these people.

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