Monday, February 18, 2013

Uh oh: Warmist Randy Olson says that the climate movement is "like the Titanic"

‘Climate Change Movement in Trouble’
PROVIDENCE — Randy Olson, marine scientist-turned-storyteller-and-filmmaker, believes the climate movement is in serious trouble. “It’s like the Titanic,” Olson said during a recent lecture at Brown University. “It started out with so much optimism, hit an iceberg, and now it is sinking.”

According to Olson, the 25-year effort to combat climate change, beginning in 1988 when James Hansen testified to Congress about the greenhouse effect and ending in 2013 when Theda Skocpol declared the movement a failure, is almost a perfect arc. Olson said the movement was gaining momentum through 1997, when Al Gore signed the Kyoto Protocol, but was derailed by, among other things, the 2004 publication of “State of Fear,” a Michael Crichton novel that demonized environmentalists, and the “Climategate” debacle of 2009, during which scientists’ e-mails were stolen, unfairly edited and released to the public in a way that made climate science look fraudulent.
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