Friday, February 15, 2013

UK and Singapore and New York and Abu Dhabi, oh my: "Super" Mandia points out some of warmist Peter Gleick's recent unnecessary fuel-guzzling long-haul trips

Peter Gleick vs Heartland Institute – Scorecard One Year Later. And the Winner Is? « Global Warming: Man or Myth?
April 16: Keynote Lecture at the Oxford University, United Kingdom Conference on Water Security, Risk, and Society
May 10: Calgary, Canada. Conference “Water in a World of Seven Billion.”
July 2-6: International Water Week, Singapore. Chair of discussion group at the Water Leaders Summit.
September 25: Presentation at the United Nations, New York Expert Panel Session on Water Security: “Water: Implications for Security”
October 1: EcoSummit Conference, Columbus, Ohio. Lecture “Soft Paths for Water: New Constraints, New Solutions.”
October 10: Host and speaker for the Chicago Ideas Festival Session on Water.
January 15-17, 2013: Three presentations on water, energy, climate, and sustainability at the International Water Summit, Abu Dhabi.

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