Thursday, February 28, 2013

UK energy statistics show big jump in coal-fired electricity last year
Last year saw a dramatic increase in the amount of UK electricity generated using coal power, preliminary figures from The Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) show. Coal power overtook gas to become the biggest single source of UK electricity in 2012.
Another Cold Month Ahead For The UK | Real Science
It is likely to be cold at first with the winds from the east, and the likelihood is that the middle of the month may become colder, before we see a rise of temperature towards the end of March.
Germany Weathers Darkest Winter in 43 Years | Watts Up With That?
If the sun doesn’t start shining soon, it will be the darkest winter on record...Less than an average of 100 hours of sunshine have been recorded so far over the course of the meteorological winter, which runs from December through February, said National Meteorological Service (DWD) spokesman Gerhard Lux on Monday. The winter average is an already measly 160 hours of sun  [Under those conditions, it must be tough to use solar panels to heat their homes and power their cars, trains, factories, planes, etc.]
ABC science “expert” Dr Karl makes more false warming claims | Herald Sun Andrew Bolt Blog
Dr Karl presents science for the ABC. This presentation was staggeringly false, not least because he’s had the facts repeatedly drawn to his attention.

When Alan Jones, a sceptic, made an error on 2GB about carbon dioxide concentrations, he was pilloried on Media Watch and given a re-education session from the Australian Communications and Media Authority.

Will the same sactions be applied to a fervent warmist for stubbornly and repeatedly making even more fundamental errors?

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