Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Unclear on the concept: Former British Columbia resident moves permanently to Hawaii, where it's tens of degrees warmer, repeatedly calls it "paradise", then tries to get Canadians worked up about a couple of degrees of potential future global warming

Evangeline Lilly: I am Canadian. What are You? | DeSmog Canada
I remember when I was summoned away from Canada. There was a job waiting, it offered a lot of money, and it meant I would move to Hawaii…Hawaii: paradise.  If you know anything about my history, you’ll know that that job was my role as “Kate” on the television series Lost and you’ll know that I took it and left Canada…never to move back. 

So now, I have been living in “paradise” for ten years...
Preserving nature in Canada is not just about Global Warming it’s about preserving our heritage, our history, and our harmony: our identity.
Climate of Vancouver - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The annual average temperature in Vancouver is 11.0 °C (51.8 °F) downtown and 10.1 °C (50.2 °F) at the Airport,
Hawaii Maui Weather
The average temperature year-round is 75ยบ F

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