Monday, February 04, 2013

Unclear on the concept: Warmist Joe Romm touts a system for deliberately injecting four bottles of allegedly dangerous global warming pollution into each bottle of homemade drinks for your kids

See The ‘Green Soda’ Ad Banned From The Superbowl | ThinkProgress
Sodastream is a home carbonation system that touts itself as “Earth Friendly”:

SodaStream is an “Active Green” solution that minimizes the huge eco-footprint caused by the manufacture, transport and waste of plastic bottles.
Soda Carbonators | SodaStream
Soda carbonators from SodaStream are made of light weight aluminum. We maintain the highest quality standards and we ensure safety and security of our CO2 refills. Our soda carbonators are available in various sizes, allowing for 60 to 130 liters of carbonated soft drinks per carbonator. A full CO2 soda carbonator is included with the purchase of our soda maker machine. When the gas in the carbonator finishes, consumers exchange the empty carbonators for a full one, paying only the cost of a gas refill.
Flashback: The Reference Frame: CO2 vs temperature: ice core correlation & lag
if you extract carbon dioxide from one bottle of Coke to empty bottles at normal conditions, you will fill four bottles.

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Bob K said...

The 60L carbonator contains 15oz of co2 and costs $15 to refill. That means you are paying $32000 per ton for the co2. What a bargain!