Monday, February 25, 2013

Unprecedented: Climate takes an entire category in the 2013 Bloggies Awards – time to place your votes
WUWT nominated in two categories. The competition this year is more skeptical than ever!
Russell Cook: Al Gore: Arguing for censorship in 1992 | Tallbloke's Talkshop
Its 5th-to-last paragraph contains these gems:
In exemplary doublespeak, some enviros put forth that dissenting views should be suppressed in the name of balance. Mr Gore, for example, says reporters should attach little weight to scientists who question greenhouse emergency claims, because perhaps 2 per cent of credentialed researchers feel that way. - Global and Planetary Change - The phase relation between atmospheric carbon dioxide and global temperature
The maximum positive correlation between CO2 and temperature is found for CO2 lagging 11–12 months in relation to global sea surface temperature, 9.5–10 months to global surface air temperature, and about 9 months to global lower troposphere temperature. The correlation between changes in ocean temperatures and atmospheric CO2 is high, but do not explain all observed changes.
Physicist tipped for US energy post : Nature News & Comment
Talking to Nature last July, Moniz laid out his energy-policy goals for the current decade: reduce demand; substitute gas for coal; and innovate to reduce the cost of low-carbon technologies for areas such as nuclear power, renewable energy and capturing and sequestering carbon dioxide from fossil-fuel combustion. Moniz noted how basic research on hydraulic fracturing, funded by the Department of Energy and dating back to the 1980s, is now paying off. “If you came out with a policy to reduce coal use by a third, all hell would break loose politically. But the market did it by itself, and you don’t hear anybody complaining,” he said. “To me, the lesson from that is the importance of innovation to reduce the costs of the zero-carbon options.”

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