Monday, February 25, 2013

VIDEO: Wait Until China Acts on Climate. What? They Are!?
Now, we should treat this news with some caution. I say "on the path" because not many other details were forthcoming, and China's environmental regulations tend to be like cheap Swiss cheese: a bit rubbery and full of holes. Ella Chou, an analyst for Brookings and a clean-energy consultant, points out in this great post that the tax is "puny," and local governments may still try to skirt it  [Via MT]
Too Much Night Light Makes Us Fat, Cranky—and No Safer
In 2008, PG&E Corp., the San Francisco-based energy company, reviewed the research and found "either that there is no link between lighting and crime, or that any link is too subtle and complex to have been evident in the data."

The data actually speaks more clearly about how light pollution makes us less safe. A recent American Medical Association report (pdf) concludes that the disrupting effects of nighttime lighting on our bodies' circadian rhythms may contribute to "obesity, diabetes, depression and mood disorders, and reproductive problems." Moreover, artificial light causes our bodies to suppress the release of melatonin, elevating our risk of contracting cancer, and especially breast cancer.
New York Times : 0.0004 Mole Fraction CO2 Worse Than The Black Death, Smallpox, Hitler And Nuclear War | Real Science
Climate change is arguably the most important issue humanity has ever faced.

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