Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Warmists imagine things about people who criticize their claims: They "probably live in the Mid West and don’t possess passports"! It's an "orchestrated campaign"! They're "jealous of the funding we've managed to get"!

How tough is your skin? Monbiot, Mann, McKibben, various Transitioners and others on what to do if your Transition initiative comes under attack
[George Monbiot] “It’s constant. There’s scarcely a morning when I haven’t received something unpleasant by email. Most of the time I just mark it as spam and I don’t need to see anything by that person again. Some of them are very threatening, but I figure that most of them probably live in the Mid West and don’t possess passports, so I don’t feel scared about it. None of it frightens me”.
[Michael Mann] “I developed a thick skin. I recognised that in fact as personal as this might seem, it is in fact not personal. It is part of an orchestrated campaign of intimidation and disinformation, and you have a role, a role not to give in to those intimidation tactics, to not just roll over, to be out there defending yourself, defending the science. In some ways it was almost invigorating, or I at least allowed myself to feed on that in as positive a way as I could”.
...As Philip Revell puts it:
“It’s important to be aware the vast majority of people are likely to actually be supportive of this agenda and what we’re doing. It really is a small group of vocal people with too much time on their hands who have some sort of grudge or jealousy about the funding we’ve managed to get, or whatever, who are trying to stir things up”.

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