Friday, February 08, 2013

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C3: IPCC Confirms CO2 Is Not A "Thermostat" & Global Warming Is Not "Dangerous"
The United Nations IPCC climate agency has a gold-standard dataset used since 2007 to make global climate predictions - the HadCRUT3 gold-standard confirms that the predicted dangerous global warming is non-existent, and unequivocally, that CO2 is not the world's thermostat
Its even worse than Al Gore said « Climate Sanity
The CFL bulbs in my basement are like the detonation of a pound of TNT every day!
The sun irradiates the surface of the planet with enough energy for my own personal Hiroshima atomic bomb blast every 40 days or so. And your own personal blast. And a blast for every single man, woman and child. The equivalent of 7 billion Hiroshima blasts every 42 days!
1972 : CRU Director Predicted A New Ice Age | Real Science

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