Friday, February 01, 2013

When did legit media questions become ‘an attack’? | Video |
sking legit questions of an environmental nut who sold his business to a media company backed by fossil fuel sales is the equivalent of an “attack” these days?
Obama Chickens Out, Says A Million EVs By 2015 Not Important | The Truth About Cars
Obama says: “Never mind a million EVs by 2015.”
Twitter / joabbess: Forgot to add @Roddy_Campbell ...
Forgot to add @Roddy_Campbell to the watch list of people who show #Climate #Change denial tendencies. (#10) (Thanks for reminding me, Rod)
Flashback : Complain to the BBC @ Jo Abbess
[Jo Abbess] There is no debate in Climate Change. There is only one position, and that position is that it’s serious and getting worse, although at the moment we just don’t know whether that’s going to turn out as “horribly bad” or “incredibly dangerous”.

Andrew Montford’s view simply does not count and he should not have been invited, not even in the name of so-called “balance”. The “balance” you should have sought would lie between those Scientists who feel that Climate Change is “abrupt and dangerous” and those who feel that it is “catastrophic”.

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