Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Winter Storm Rocky: Snow, Ice Threats Head East - weather.com
Wichita, Kan., has eclipsed its greatest snowfall for any month in recorded history; thanks to the combination of "Q" and Rocky, a total of 21.0 inches had fallen for the month by the time the snow ended Tuesday morning, breaking the old record of 20.5 inches set, coincidentally, in February 1913, exactly 100 years ago.
Global Warming Will Decrease Summer Work Productivity To 80 Percent
those working in already hot environments, such as bakers and factory workers, are also listed as those most likely to be impacted
Diesels In Cold Weather: Think Before You Buy
Diesel's viscosity increases at lower temperatures, known as "gelling" or "waxing", eventually to a point where it cannot be pumped and the engine dies--or is unable to start in the first place.

This manifested itself as a group of the Sprinter vans not starting on the second morning of the test, despite being equipped with auxiliary heaters for the engine, BlueTEC emissions system and the fuel filter.
Twitter / algore: I'm in Long Beach for this ...
I'm in Long Beach for this year's @TedTalks. Looking forward to an exciting lineup.
Twitter / Revkin: Is NY, like Southwest, lulled ...
Is NY, like Southwest, lulled by recent wet times into forgetting dry past? New paper by team says yes:

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