Wednesday, March 06, 2013

A half-hearted defense of the New York Times decision to kill the green blog : John Fleck
I write a lot about climate change because water. [Yes, that's actually his complete sentence.]
...I know I’m supposed to care about this Keystone pipeline because people who care a lot about the “environment” have placed it on the agenda, but it’s not on mine...But I called this a “half-hearted defense” because it only works if Baquet and company aren’t bullshitting us here, if they’re really planning to drive the topic(s) out into the newsroom as a whole.
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@jfleck @revkin Can agree if NYT decision meant "same amount of coverage in diff't parts of paper," but don't think that's the case.
Twitter / Revkin
@EvaDienel @jfleck Definitely not the case. Declining coverage for sure without a change.
Hansen : Taking The Enron Approach To Science | Real Science
Here is some of his handiwork, influencing the historical measurements.
Get Your Official Guardian “Illegitimate Science” Here | Real Science
Legitimate science would be something like “snow is a thing of the past” or “global warming to decrease heavy snowfalls” or “Solar Cycle 24 to be a big one“

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