Friday, March 22, 2013

Balliol College: Master’s Seminar in Brussels | Roger Helmer MEP
So to my question (as near as I can remember):

Professor Henderson: You just showed a slide of temperature over the last 600,000 years, showing four previous interglacials. These earlier interglacials look almost exactly like the current one — except that two clearly show a slightly higher peak than today’s temperature. So what exactly is the exceptional event which needs an anthropogenic explanation? Isn’t the current temperature entirely consistent with patterns we have seen for hundreds of thousands of years?...
Lights On! Human Achievement Hour Tomorrow Night (March 23: 8:30–9:30 pm EST) — MasterResource
[Lomborg] “If we really want a sustainable future for all of humanity and our planet, we shouldn’t plunge ourselves back into darkness. Tackling climate change by turning off the lights and eating dinner by candlelight smacks of the “let them eat cake” approach to the world’s problems that appeals only to well-electrified, comfortable elites.”
Climate Denial Think Tank's Plans To Abolish Climate Change Departments in Australia | DeSmogBlog
Pretty much every other federal government function to administer climate change policy, research global warming, ensure sustainable development or support renewable energy gets chopped under Moran's plan.
Of Springtime, Flowers, Birds, Snow… | Musings from the Chiefio
There’s something going on here, but it fer dang sure isn’t warming.

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