Friday, March 22, 2013

Evasive reply from Bureau of Meteorology to my question re a 2011 fault in Perth Metro temperature data
What does it all mean ?
My take is that I pinpointed a data fault that they do not want to address – and now they hope I will go away.
How Many “Top Threats” Do We Have? | Real Science
The military says that global warming is the top threat to US security. DHS says that veterans and people with Ron Paul bumper stickers are the top threat to US security, and now NSA says that they have to read your E-mail in order to protect you.
Quadrant Online - Right wing? No, I'm a liberal and proud of it
The polemical nature of the IPCC reports, the way in which opponents have been systematically vilified and denied access to funds and publication, the absence of any critical third party evaluation of the models, all imply an illiberal and political agenda. Certainly scientists need to seek funds and to put their best foot forward in doing so, but the way in which the climate people are using Green hysteria to attract massive funding amounts to nothing less than the prostitution of science. It is illiberal to the core.

No, I am not right wing. I am a liberal.
Al's Journal : "Time has come" for a carbon tax
Last weekend, the Financial Times published a must-read editorial on the need for a national carbon tax:

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