Thursday, March 21, 2013

Polar bears of W. Hudson Bay came ashore in 2009 as late as in 1992 | polarbearscience

The study also confirms that there has not been any kind of spectacular retreat of sea ice breakup dates – coming earlier and earlier in the season – over the last 19 years and that polar bears did not arrive on shore in 2009 until very late – approximately 22 August – the same date they came ashore in 1992.

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Anonymous said...

Not again.

All the proxies for Marcott, presented indivudually, make the grouping look mathematically correct but meaningless as the variance was huge. Now with these polar bear dates, I'm suspicious we have the same thing.

What we want is the date each polar bear came ashore per year. Then we can see the spread each year and a sense if adding them all together makes sense.

Since the bears are identified by radio tag, we could even check the time INDIVIDUALS came ashore over the years. Perhaps some just come ashore earlier than others; what has changed is the demographics, not the ice.

The toughest thing is asking the right questions. Actually, the toughest thing is getting ANSWERS to the tough questions.

Stalling is the sign of error.