Sunday, March 03, 2013

The Blackboard » SkS’s Online Tool to ‘Disappear’ Global Warming!
Look guys! SkS’s says RSS shows no statistically significant warming since 1987! How Kewl is that?!
Climate is a hot topic in the Kansas Legislature
Rep. Dennis Hedke, a Republican from Wichita, is a geophysicist who counts at least 18 energy companies as clients. He also leads the House Energy and Environment Committee. As chairman, he can control what bills are heard and which ones get a vote.

Hedke is a decided nonbeliever of man-made global warming. He thinks those claims have been used to impose strict environmental regulations, such as renewable-energy standards, that ultimately dig into consumers’ wallets.

“This is costly,” Hedke said. “It’s already hurt people around the world.”

The notion that carbon dioxide should be regulated as a dangerous gas that’s wreaking havoc on the environment, he said, is a “flat-out lie.”
UCD conference looks at climate change and its effect on agriculture - Daily Democrat Online
Scientists and policymakers from around the world will gather [via unnecessary long-haul fossil-fueled travel?] March 20 through 22 at UC Davis to grapple with the threats of climate change for global agriculture and recommend science-based actions to slow its effects while meeting the world's need for food, livelihood and sustainability.
Wanted: A Bob Geldof for climate change - opinion - 03 March 2013 - New Scientist
We need a new hero. Is there a climate change Bob Geldof out there?

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