Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Time For A Team Huddle | Real Science
If missing Arctic ice actually caused cold, that would make it a powerful negative feedback - thereby destroying the basis of their belief system.
Dog, Homework: Joe Romm says global warming has accelerated over past 15 years | JunkScience.com
But oops… the ocean ate it.
The Climate Change Campaign Environmentalists Love To Hate - Greener Ideal
In the end, instead of sneering at Earth Hour for offering symbolic support to green causes, environmentalists would do well to use the event as a platform to inspire greater action. People who participate in Earth Hour do mean well
Hansen’s Christmas Present To Himself | Real Science
More than 10% of Hansen’s claimed global warming trend is due to his Christmas 2012 tampering.
- Bishop Hill blog - Boulton on scientific practice and malpractice
It's funny to see Boulton calling for transparent peer review after failing to investigate allegations of journal nobbling - probably the single most important issue to have emerged from Climategate - during the Russell inquiry.

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