Thursday, March 21, 2013

World Bank to prioritise support for climate vulnerable states
Speaking to ABC Radio in Australia she said: “It means as an organisation that it’s focused on helping countries end poverty and helping countries build a shared prosperity for the future that we understand that that is not going to be possible. If climate change continues at the rate at which we and the science predict.”
Natural Disasters Are Hitting Harder, And Not Because Of Global Warming
“Many cities, especially in developing countries, are very quickly expanding, and often expanding in hazard-prone areas,” explained Francis Ghesquiere, manager for the World Bank's Disaster Risk Management Practice Group.

He noted that climate change has certainly led to an increase in adverse weather events. But the main reason economic costs of natural disasters have tripled over the last three decades? “First and foremost, the growth of population and assets.” Nigeria Among Top Countries Where Climate Change Mortality is Expected to Rise
"It is carbon emissions that are the big killer in Nigeria with approximately 150,000 people dying each year due to indoor smoke ingestion, tuberculosis and lung cancer. the reason for the indoor smoke is partially because of uneven electricity distribution, which forces many Nigerians to heat their homes and cook by burning fuels," the report said.
Twitter / [Greenpeace chief] kuminaidoo:
Let's not buy anything on the International #Happiness Day. Nothing greener than not consuming.#kumiwill @earthhour

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