Tuesday, April 02, 2013

The Why Before the What on the Upcoming Hurricane Season — The Patriot Post
[Bastardi] It is an honor to blog at The Patriot Post. A commenter in the last post I did mentioned how tiring it is having to talk about global warming. I agree 100%. This should be a non-issue. But here is our problem: The people involved in this are not going away. Far from it. They are trying to implement draconian policies that would severely limit freedoms in the long run. In addition, their tactics -- now that there are increasing signs that not only has earth stopped warming, but may be, as some of us fear, cooling -- are increasingly bombastic and non-factual. They are relying on the idea that most people do not know and understand past weather and climate events to elevate what is going on today. It's almost as if they think the bigger the lie they tell, the more people have to believe it. Since most people would not tell lies that big, they assume others will not.

It has been a successful tactic in other situations before.
Europe to be battered by Sandy-style superstorms - environment - 29 March 2013 - New Scientist
To simulate future hurricanes, Reindert Haarsma of the Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute in De Bilt and colleagues ran a detailed climate model for 2094 to 2098, assuming modest future greenhouse gas emissions.

They found that future hurricanes formed further east in the tropical Atlantic, as that area had warmed sufficiently to provide enough heat and moisture to power them. As a result, many didn't hit the US and instead struck western Europe. The storms weakened once they left the tropics, but powered up again when they entered cold and windy areas, becoming hybrid storms like SandyMovie Camera, halfway between winter storms and hurricanes.
Intern: Texas Communications Intern, US Climate and Energy Program | Environmental Defense Fund
This leading green group, with programs from Boston to Beijing, has tripled in size over the past decade by focusing on strong science, uncommon partnerships and market-based approaches.
Carbon floor price launches at £16 per tonne - 01 Apr 2013 - News from BusinessGreen
But IPPR warns policy will only serve to undermine UK competitiveness unless action is taken to prop up EU carbon price

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