Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Tom Friedman: We must respond to the Boston attacks by…passing a carbon tax « The Greenroom
So since we rejected Kyoto in 2005, the US has made more progress towards achieving the treaty’s goals than its preening signatories. But by all means, let’s slap middle class families with more taxes and higher energy costs anyway. The economy is booming, so why not conduct mandatory social engineering on the entire populace? It’s almost as if carbon tax schemes are motivated by something other than “saving the planet,” or whatever.
Twitter / suzyji: The Republican line-up for ...
The Republican line-up for Thursday's house climate science hearing is troubling - Bjorn Lomberg and Judith Curry
3 Thoughts on the Fisker Debacle | Observations, Scientific American Blog Network
Plenty of people have seen this disaster coming for years.
I’m frankly astonished it has taken this long for Fisker to unravel.
Twitter / billmckibben: Wow, Nightline really did the ...

Wow, Nightline really did the carbon numbers last night. Very straightforward and powerful report

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