Wednesday, April 10, 2013

UN Foundation Calls In PR Firms And Ex-Gore Aide For Global Climate Change Project
WASHINGTON, DC--The United Nations Foundation has drafted in three PR firms and a new senior executive to drive a major new global assignment focusing on climate change.
The public charity that supports the UN's causes is set to begin a two-year project to boost awareness and understanding of climate change problems.
The UN Foundation has named former Al Gore spokesperson Kalee Kreider to head the effort. Kreider arrives after rejoining Fenton Communications last year.
U of M arctic expedition aims to document climate change stories | Minnesota Public Radio News
ST. PAUL, Minn. — Four educators from Minnesota leave today for a two-and-a-half week arctic expedition in Canada, where they plan to ski and fend off polar bears in between stops in several communities to help schoolchildren document stories about how climate change has affected people's lives.
Toronto U Prof [Steve Easterbrook] Finds Way to Engage Students on Climate Change
“the atmosphere is a common resource; it can only take so much carbon dioxide pollution...There is a tendency whenever you teach about climate change, especially with kids, for it to be a very depressing experience,” he says.
Cattle Slide as Cold Weather May Slow Meat Demand; Hogs Climb - Bloomberg
Cattle fell for a second straight day on speculation that cold weather across the central U.S. will curb meat demand for outdoor grilling.

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