Friday, May 31, 2013


Rice’s Baker Institute Climate Embarrassment (Sass’s Ad Hominem response to Rep. Smith) — MasterResource
A Challenge to the Baker Institute

The Baker Institute has some truing up to do in the multi-disciplinary field of climate change. Playing to its strengths, Rice University and the Baker Institute should host its third climate conference, titled something like “New Developments in the Physical Science of Climate Change.” Climatologists such as Judith Curry, Richard Lindzen, Patrick Michaels, and Chip Knappenberger should be invited, as well as James Hansen, Gavin Schmidt, and Kerry Emanuel.

Ronald Sass in his recent op-ed called for an “open, national debate on climate change.” Let Rice University and the Baker Institute lead the way.
D.C. ambulance delay linked to EPA-required filtering system - The Washington Post
The diesel engines at issue are designed to cut power if exhaust filters are not kept clean, a process that requires the vehicles be taken out of service for up to an hour every few days to burn off accumulated soot and allow the filtering system to perform well. The process is known as “regenerating.”
An Artist Talks Nonsense About Green Energy | NoFrakkingConsensus
I am so frakking weary of environmentalists waxing poetic about renewables in Germany. Earth to climate activists: you’re several years behind the times. Green energy hasn’t worked out in Germany. At the moment, that nation is backpeddling furiously.
Pacific islands face a deadly threat from climate change - The Washington Post
For the world’s lowest-lying countries, including my own, this is a death sentence. The only answer is urgent global action, a Marshall Plan for a new low-carbon global economy. And we Marshallese believe we have a big role to play.

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