Friday, May 31, 2013


1970 : 97% Of Experts Agreed That We Would All Be Starving By The Year 2000 | Real Science
Fifteen Foolish Forecasts: How did environmentalists get it so wrong on Earth Day 1970?
Past The Tipping Point : 2014 High School Seniors Have Seen No Global Warming During Their Life | Real Science
Children have been force fed Al Gore propaganda since they started public school, yet none of them have actually experienced any global warming.
They owe us: Why we need to take the climate crisis to the heart of global finance | World Development Movement
So on Friday 14 June, just before world leaders jet in to the G8 Summit, we’ll converge on Canary Wharf to put the climate crisis firmly back on centre stage. We’ll demand that the banks repay their huge debts to society and to the planet.
Global warming initiates crab attack - Living Planet - iTech Post
"We used to take and expect Mother Nature to replenish, but that's a thing of the past," Coffin said
Ghana Business News » New carbon pricing initiatives to enhance development – Report
According to Rachel Kyte, the World Bank Vice President for Sustainable Development, “Even as the first generation of the carbon market stutters, a robust price on carbon has never been more important if we are to avert dangerous climate change..."
Politicians, thieves and those greedy pigs in between. | Pointman's
It’s the ones actively involved in setting policy, and who are benefitting massively from it financially, that I reserve my complete contempt for. They’re actually somewhere beneath contempt, if such a thing is possible. In the UK, it’s estimated by various charities that there were between three to five thousand extra deaths from cold related causes last March. A goodly proportion of those deaths can be directly attributed to the poor and elderly, who can no longer afford to heat their homes, because of green taxes lumped onto their heating bills to subsidise the renewables gravy train.

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