Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Too funny: As global warming and Al Gore fall off the general public's radar, cherry-pickin' warmist David Appell argues that WUWT is "Going Gently Into That Good Night"

In his post, David forgot to include this graph


chris y said...

ROFLMAO!!!!!! Alexa shows WUWT's global reach at 68 ppm, while David Appell's site bounces along at 0.1 ppm. Well-funded sites like RealClimate and SkepticalScience are at 10 ppm.

But the best part is this tidbit-
the blog site from which Appell links the graph (variable-variability) has a reach of 0.03 ppm!!

Victor Venema said...

While the number of Google searches for climate change may be decreasing, the number of readers of
SkepticalScience and RealClimate seem to be stable. So Google does not seem to tell the full story.

For non-libertarians there is no need to read "climate" blogs, no problems with cognitive dissonance, they can just read the newspaper. Thus it is natural the "sceptics" blogs have more readers. From real sceptics you would expect that they read both types of blogs just as often.