Sunday, June 30, 2013

Charles Bayless explains that if you don't believe that CO2 causes bad weather, "it's sort of like denying you've got cancer"

Denying Climate Change “Like Ignoring Cancer” for WV
"If you're a West Virginian and a coal company and you're denying climate change, it's sort of like denying you've got cancer and hoping it will get better. It won't. And the longer you deny it, the worse the fall will be," [Charles Bayless, retired president of WVU Tech and former CEO of two power companies] said.
...Bayless said the science on climate change is "very simple:" The greenhouse effect means the atmosphere is holding a huge amount of extra heat.

"The extra heat is equal to about 13 Hiroshima-size bombs every second. You obviously can't put that much energy into any kind of a system and not have something change," he explained.

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