Saturday, June 22, 2013

Classic man-with-a-hammer thinking: Given a billion dollars to spend, Michael Mann would spend part of it on climate modeling and the remainder on "communicating our science to the public"

Sci Foo: 1 billion dollars - YouTube
[2010] If you had 1 billion dollars to spend on just one project, what would it be? Here's how an astrobiologist, a broadcaster, a skeptic and a Nobel Laureate, amongst others, would spend the money. Filmed at the 2010 Science Foo Camp in California
At the 1:15 mark, Michael Mann says he'd spend part of the money on "a new state-of-the-art climate model" and the remainder on "an outreach project aimed at communicating our science to the public".

if all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail - Wiktionary
If a person is familiar with a certain, single subject, or has with them a certain, single instrument, they may have a confirmation bias to believe that it is the answer to/involved in everything.

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